Articles científics

Cross-Sectional Survey on the Current Role of Clinical Pharmacists among Antimicrobial Stewardship Programmes in Catalonia: Much Ado about Nothing

ANTIBIOTICS-BASEL; 2023 Volume Issue 4 Article Number 717 DOI 10.3390/antibiotics12040717

Echeverria-Esnal, D (Echeverria-Esnal, Daniel) [1] , [2] ; Hernandez, S (Hernandez, Sergi) [3] ; Murgadella-Sancho, A (Murgadella-Sancho, Anna) [4] ; Garcia-Paricio, R (Garcia-Paricio, Ramon) [5] ; Ortonobes, S (Ortonobes, Sara) [6] ; et al.


Drug-related problems as reason for emergency department visit: 3 years of the FARM-URG registry

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHARMACY PRACTICE; 2023 Volume 31 Issue 4 Page 417-422 DOI 10.1093/ijpp/riad022

Ruiz-Ramos, J (Ruiz-Ramos, Jesus) ; Ruiz-Ramos, J (Ruiz-Ramos, Jesus)


Identification of the haemoglobin level associated with a lower risk of complications after total hip and knee arthroplasty


Abad-Motos, A (Abad-Motos, Ane) [1] , [2] , [3] ; Ripolles-Melchor, J (Ripolles-Melchor, Javier) [1] , [3] , [4] ; Jerico, C (Jerico, Carlos) [5] ; Bisbe, E (Bisbe, Elvira) [6] ; Basora, M (Basora, Misericordia) [7] ; et al.


QT interval and short-term outcome in acute heart failure

CLINICAL RESEARCH IN CARDIOLOGY; 2023 DOI10.1007/s00392-023-02173-9

Miro, O (Miro, Oscar) [1] , [2] ; Aguilo, O (Aguilo, Oriol) [3] ; Trullas, JC (Carles Trullas, Joan) [4] ; Gil, V (Gil, Victor) [1] ; Espinosa, B (Espinosa, Begona) [5] ; Jacob, J (Jacob, Javier) [6] ; et al.


Sex and gender differences in acute stroke care: metrics, access to treatment and outcome. A territorial analysis of the Stroke Code System of Catalonia

EUROPEAN STROKE JOURNAL; 2023 DOI 10.1177/23969873231156260

Silva, Y (Silva, Yolanda) [1] ; Sanchez-Cirera, L (Sanchez-Cirera, Laura) [1] ; Terceno, M (Terceno, Mikel) [1] ; Dorado, L (Dorado, Laura) [2] ; Valls, A (Valls, Adrian) [2] ; Martinez, M (Martinez, Marina) [2]; et al.


Hyperkalemia in acute heart failure: Short term outcomes from the EAHFE registry (REVISIUM)

American Journal of Emergency medicine; 2023 DOI 10.1016/j.ajem.2023.05.005

Rafique, Zubaid; Fortuny, Maria Jose; Kuo, Dick; Szarpak, Lukasz; Llauger, Lluis; Espinosa, Begona; Gil, Victor; Jacob, Javier; Alquezar-Arbe, Aitor; Andueza, Juan Antonio; Garrido, Jose Manuel; Aguirre, Alfons; Fuentes, Marta; Alonso, Hector; et al.


Validation of the Spanish version of DYsphagia in MUltiple Sclerosis questionnaire (DYMUS)

Multiple sclerosis and related disorders; 2023 DOI10.1016/j.msard.2023.104724

Renom, M (Renom, Marta) [1] , [2] ; Galan, I (Galan, Ingrid) [1] ; Vidal, X (Vidal, Xavier) [3] ; Aldevert, M (Aldevert, Mireia) [4] ; Curto, G (Curto, Gemma) [5] ; Feliu, P (Feliu, Patricia) [6] ; Garcia, I (Garcia, Itziar) [7] ; et al.


Staphylococcus caprae: an emerging pathogen related to infective endocarditis

Clinical microbiology and infection; 2023 10.1016/j.cmi.2023.06.006

Diez de Los Rios, Javier; Hernandez-Meneses, Marta; Navarro, Maria; Montserrat, Silvia; Perissinotti, Andres; Miro, Jose M Group Author:Hospital de Vic and Hospital Clinic Endocarditis teams

Letter to the Editor

Acute kidney injury in critically ill patients with COVID-19: The AKICOV multicenter study in Catalonia

PloS one; 2023 DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0284248

Sanchez, Arsenio De La Vega; Perez, Ana Navas; Perez-Carrasco, Marcos; Sonet, Maria Torrens; Buendia, Yolanda Diaz; Ballujera, Patricia Ortiz; Lopez, Miguel Rodriguez; Riera, Joan Sabater; Olmo-Isasmendi, Aitor; Torra, Ester Vendrell; et al.


The bidirectional effect of stress and functionality in multiple sclerosis and the interaction role of anxiety, coping and social support

JOURNAL OF PSYCHOSOMATIC RESEARCH; 2023 Volume 170 Article Number 111375 DOI 10.1016/j.jpsychores.2023.111375

Briones-Buixassa, L (Briones-Buixassa, Laia) [1] , [2] , [8] ; Montanes-Masias, B (Montanes-Masias, Brenda) [1] ; Mila-Villaroel, R (Mila-Villaroel, Raimon) [3] ; Arrufat, FX (Arrufat, Francesc X.) [4] ; Aragones, JM (Aragones, Josep M.) [5] ; et al.